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Shahid Rajaee Port with wide open area over 32.5 square KM located 20 km from west wing by Bandar Abass with advanced facilities and Modern equipment. That emphasis on global trading , That makes Shahid Rajaee Port one of The most important economic gates in middle east. Shahid Rajaee port by New technology has international goods exchange with main port around The world, also connecting with international rail way to dedicated work of transfer.


Organization and operation of Shahid Rajaee Port Special Economic Zone

  • Imports of goods without costumes‘ fee.
  • Long term goods keeping in the best of port condition
  • Transfer of different tonnages of goods in The best condition for buyers in home land and foreign countries.
  • Unlimited import of goods for export ,import regulation and value of foreign exchange of products.
  • Transit and re export of goods to neighbor countries.
  • Export of goods from foreign countries or Free Zone international trading without any costumes‘ duty.